The haunted villa 😱


About a month ago, in Jeddah,two girls who were about 13 were playing badminton in front of a villa.

Every thing was fine until there shuttlecock accidentally went into the villa through an open window. Unfortunately, the girls decided to go into that villa to get their shuttlecock.

As they went closer to the main door it automatically opened for them. They shivered with fear but still stepped inside the villa because they could see the shuttle cock right in front of them in the main hall. As soon as they step inside the villa the door closed! They turn around and saw the door closed, they start banging it and cry for help but no one came.

Suddenly they started hearing prolonged yells and cries and sometimes long laughs as well. When they turned around they saw furniture flying and floating around in the air and their shuttle cock was also gone. They freaked out, and held each other’s hands tightly. But after sometime they passed out from fear.

When they woke up they found themselves in the backyard of the villa, they try to move but they were unable to as they were tied to two chairs. They cried and begged for help for along time and then luckily a girl came to them who was about 8 years old, she didn’t talk at all she just came and freed their hand and legs. Both girls ran as fast as they could without even thinking who was that girl but when they turned around to see from where did she come and to say thank you, the girl was not there! YES, SHE WAS GONE! They didn’t think about it much at that time and just kept running.

After they reached their home they told what had happened to them. Their parents couldn’t believe their ears. Then they complained to the police, the police tried to solve the mystery but they could not and the case was shut. After that horrible incident the girls named the villa, THE HAUNTED VILLA. Both, the girls and their families shifted to a new city for a fresh start.

But still the girls couldn’t figure out who that girl was. Perhaps she was a ghost?

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Secret of the Cave

Once,there was a cave which was known as the cave of death. This phrase was carved upon that cave. One day,four friends were playing football near that cave. By mistake one of the friend threw the ball inside the cave.

They were scared to go inside the cave but finally they went inside. After they went a little deep inside the cave over there they saw a valley in. When they peeked inside it they saw their football and skeletons,bones and a giant snake in the valley but suddenly one friend saw a secret button from which a way appears which goes across the valley.

So they four very shocked to see the snake but after seeing the way they felt that something is fishy. They were thinking that in a such haunted place who will make a secret way to cross a valley. As they were about to go they heard a noise and they pressed the button again to close the way. Then they saw an old man who pressed the button and went to the other side of the valley.

The four friends waited for the old man to return because they thought if someone will go in that cave so that person will never return.After about half an later that person returned but when he went he was normal but when he was coming back he was hiding something. The four friends were sure that something was going on fishy.

They followed the old man until he went to his home. Over there from the window the children saw him taking off him wig from his hair and he removed his beard. The four friends entered the man’s home and said him to show that what was he hiding in his clothes.

The man refused to answer them. So they attacked that man until he agreed to tell the truth. The four friends said him to say all the truth in front of the police man. So they took him to the police station and the four friends told the whole story of the cave and the man. The police officers bet that man so much that he spoke out all the truth.

The police found out money and gold from his clothes. The police officers were very happy with the four kids. Police send the four kids back home. And they went to the cave of death with the man.

Soon they found The Secret of the Cave. That there was a big treasure hidden inside the cave. The whole treasure went to the king. And that man was kept in the jail for his whole life. Soon this news got spread in the city.

The four friends were famous in the whole city for their bravery and courage!!!

Last day of school!!!

Yesterday was my last day of school. I was super happy because we were going to do a water fight. We were going to have the water fight in our van. COOL right. Me and my friends were planning about the water fight while we were going to school. I showed them my big bottle of water which I bought for the water fight!!!

I and my best friend were together going to the class. After a lot of time we got the test paper and started it after some moments. The test was of science,super easy!. After the test got over we had to wait in our class for half hour. My sister and my all friends in the van were playing inside the school so as the teacher saw them she took their water bottles.and they were very bored and sad. I still had my big water bottle because I wasn’t playing with it inside the school. I was very lucky that day. As I went inside the van, I took my water bottle out and immediately I threw the water on everyone. We all were soaked to the bones. My friend even had a water bottle but it was medium size.l shared my big water bottle to all my friends. We all were laughing and throwing water on each other. After my water finished I took out the water which I brought for drinking, then I refilled my big water bottle and we started playing again. But finally after my all water was finished so then my friend had a little bit of water so she threw that water on everyone. My sister only had the drinking so she saved her half of the water and in the end my sister threw all the water on her self. It was quite funny.

After some time my home came my mother was shocked after seeing us so wet and we were smiling then we went to our home. It was the best day of my life.I hope the same happens next time but the teacher doesn’t take my friends’s water bottles.